Arbitrum and Azuki Join Forces With Weeb3 Foundation to Develop AnimeChain Network

In a recent development, the Arbitrum Foundation and Weeb3 Foundation teamed up with the famous nonfungible token (NFT) company Azuki to create a new blockchain-powered network dubbed AnimeChain. Under the partnership agreement, the three companies plan to offer an online anime ecosystem that the community will fully control. The AnimeChain network will consist of original and third-party anime content, games, and digital collectibles.

Features of AnimeChain Network

A statement from the president of Azuki argued that based on the objective of the AnimeChain network, the NFT brand conducted a market study to evaluate the suitable blockchain network. 

An extensive study was conducted to assess the existing Ethereum scaling solution that blends with the needs of AnimeChain. In a meeting with the Weeb3 Foundation, the partners discovered that the Arbitrum network meets the needs of the AnimeChain. 

The partners observed that the Abritrum network emerged as a performant scaling solution from the multiple due diligence checks conducted by Azuki and Weeb3 Foundation. 

Azuki advised the Weeb3 Foundation to consider developing the AnimeChain on the Arbitrum network. The partners mandated the Weeeb3 Foundation with roles to maintain the operation of AnimeChain.

From the history of Arbitrum, the partners noted that the Ethereum scaling solution has been operating since 2021. Primarily, the Arbitrum network aimed to leverage the optimistic rollups to increase transaction speed and lower charges. 

Azuki Partners with Weeb3 and Arbitrum Network

At present, the arbitrium network can process over 40,000 transactions per second (TPS). The distinguished features of Arbitrum perfectly fit with the goals of the AnimeChain network.

At the development of the AnimeChain network, the partners anticipated that the new platform would onboard more Anime supporters. A few months ago, the ApeCoin DAO team supported the use of the Abritrum network in the development of ApeChain. 

Shortly after the ApeCoin DAO voted, the Proof of Play agreed to use the Abritrum network in the proposed game development. A statement from Location TBA demonstrated that the delays in processing transactions over the traditional network forced the partners to develop the AnimeChain. 

The TBA confirmed that AnimeChain will reduce the transaction speed to 250 milliseconds of block time. They anticipate that the launching of the AnimeChain will expand the use of Web3 projects. In the report, the Location TBA stated that the team behind the AnimeChain designed the user interface to be user-friendly. 

Suitability of Arbitrum Network

The AnimeChain team aims to support the accessibility and inclusivity of the Web3 project to anime supporters. Guided by the objective of AnimeChain, developers eliminated the complex process that requires the user to be familiar with fundamental skills and knowledge of blockchain and crypto

The AnimeChain has a similar feature to Crunchyroll that does not require any coding skills. In a subsequent statement, the head of ecosystem development at Arbitrum Foundation, Nina Rong, was pleased to team up with forward-thinking teams such as Weeb3 Foundation and Azuki. 

The executive highlighted that the Arbitrum will transform the anime sector. Rong profiles Arbitrum as an advanced blockchain scaling technology. To support Arbitrum in attaining its end goal, the company launched the Arbitrum Foundation last year. 

The launch of the foundation is aimed at supporting the growth of the Arbitrum ecosystem. For years, Arbitrum has emerged as a home for gamers, enthusiasts, and developers.

In support of Rong’s remarks, the chief executive of Azuki Zagabond was pleased to be part of the team seeking to transform the anime user experience. The executive plans to work with the AnimeChain partners to create more viable opportunities for developing anime IP.

Zagabond confessed that the partnership aims at positioning anime as a critical tool for redefining the Web3 sector. The partners plan to create a unified anime ecosystem for the creators and fans. 

For years, the anime projects on Web3 have faced fragmented experience. This forced the team behind AnimeChain to develop a platform that allows anime fans to have better experiences and engagements. 

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