Aragon Leaves Medium For Continued Cryptocurrency Censorship Problems

Aragon (ANT), a project promoting the creation and maintenance of organizational structures using blockchain technology, said on Wednesday that it had decided to leave the Medium platform, citing fears of continuing censorship problems related to cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this year, Medium adjusted its platform policy to explicitly restrict and carefully study the content associated with cryptocurrencies. In addition to the requirement for a fully completed and authenticated profile, Medium does not allow crypto-currency accounts to “advertise or participate in charitable campaigns or unauthenticated activities”.

Medium policy is so specific that it even forces users to specify only one wallet address in the message. As a result of all this, Aragon began to view this policy as a sign of serious censorship. In the announcement, Aragon shared that other projects have faced similar problems.

In light of these problems, Aragon decided to move its current and future blog posts to Ghost, a completely open platform that was founded in 2013 after the successful Kickstarter campaign. Ghost is supported by a remote team, distributed on 5 continents, has nearly 800,000 registered users and a speed of more than $ 1 million.

Interested readers can now follow the blogs of both Aragon and Aragon One, the first semi-decentralized company contributing to the development of Aragon, on the Ghost platform.


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