The founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, believes that bitcoin can show parabolic growth in the next five years.

“Bitcoin is the only asset with a capitalization of $95 billion, which I believe has the potential to grow 20-50 times over a five-year period. Sometimes, the best deal is the easiest,” Pompliano wrote on Twitter.

If the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency will grow by 50 times, it will reach $5 trillion. This is comparable to the capitalization of gold, which is about $8 trillion. Note that a similar opinion was expressed by Mike Novogratz, who is saying that within 20 years the capitalization of bitcoin will easily exceed the capitalization of gold.

Quite a large number of analysts agree that bitcoin has already passed the bottom and is now preparing for a new parabolic growth. Pompliano also noted that the next “cycle of the bull market” will be based not on speculation, but on fundamental factors and market development.

Pompliano noted that, in recent years, bitcoin has shown itself much better than any traditional asset. Thus, over the past two years, the bitcoin exchange rate increased by 450%, while the S&P index showed an increase of 19.9%, and gold – only 1.3%.

Anthony Pompliano is a well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast. He has repeatedly urged the public to buy bitcoin, including pension funds.


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