Another Major Company from the United States is Seeking Crypto-Exposure

It is a fact that throughout Donald Trump’s tenure as the President of the United States, the cryptocurrency industry had a bumpy ride in the country. However, as his administration left the office on January 21, 2021, the situation started taking a light turn for the crypto-industry in the country.

When Joe Biden’s administration took charge of the White House, things started changing for the cryptocurrency industry in the country. The cryptocurrency industry did not feel much aggression or scrutiny from Biden’s administration, which felt a lot from Trump’s administration.

Finally, the cryptocurrency industry could find a breather because Biden’s administration was showing support and some soft corner for the crypto-sector. However, it was made clear by the administration that the cryptocurrency industry was still going to work on the orders of the administration.

Since then, the US Government has made several attempts to drive their locals and institutions away from cryptocurrencies. However, the cryptocurrency industry has proven its might as well as its potential to grow like a wildfire or a wild forest.

One of the recent strategies that the government adopted was to impose hefty taxes on cryptocurrencies. The government did this with the aim to make people think and move away from the industry due to high taxes. However, things are becoming clearer for the US Government that things have already gotten out of their hands in terms of crypto-adoption.

As of now, many major institutions and companies from the United States have adopted cryptocurrencies. It is no longer a surprise that even more firms and institutions are adopting crypto-blockchain technology.

One of the latest firms that seem to be leaning towards the cryptocurrency sector is Walmart, which is a retail giant in North American.

Just recently, reports have started emerging that Walmart is in search of experts in cryptocurrency technology. The firm is reportedly looking for someone who has experienced in designing, developing, and then driving digital currencies.

The sources also reveal that the retail giant is looking for someone who can come up with strategies as well as come up with roadmaps for crypto-related products.

The sources reveal that Walmart has already posted the description and requirements they have from the candidates. For the particular role, Walmart has stated that it is looking for someone who has had experience in scaling and leading businesses.

Furthermore, the retail giant has added that the applicant must have experience of at least 10 years in product commercialization based on technology products as well as product/program management.

Walmart requirements added that the applicant’s fields of expertise must be blockchain and cryptocurrency-based technologies. The applicant must also have in-depth knowledge and experience in the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies.

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