Anichess Partners with and Magnus Carlsen to Develop NFT Game 

In a recent report, the Animoca Brands subsidiary Anichess partnered with and Magnus Carlsen to develop a unique free-to-play game. The partnership aims to integrate chess features into games to offer players a professional gaming experience. 

A review of the development of the new game demonstrated that Anichess,, and Magnus Carlsen have completed the first phase of the game. At this stage, the three companies profiled the game to single-player features. 

Feature of Chess-Inspired Game

This implies that the new game only allows players to overcome multiple challenges to earn rewards. In the game’s subsequent development, the Anichess, with its partners, will introduce the multiplayer features in Q4 of 2024. 

 The integration of player versus player features aims to boost the interactiveness of the game through multiple competitive tests. A statement from the chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, recognized the remarkable contributions made by Anichess to revolutionize the gaming world. 

The executive noted that the Anichess team combined the traditional gaming strategies with gameplay features to enable the Web3 functionality in chess-fueled games. He said that the innovative approaches used by Anichess aimed to boost the gaming experiences by integrating spellcasting and fantasy storyline features.  

For years, the Anichess leveraged emerging technologies to allow game enthusiasts to solve chess puzzles. The daily competitive matches allowed the players to win nonfungible token (NFT) rewards dubbed Orbs of power.  

Anichess Partners with Chess to Develop New Game

The report illustrated that the Orbs rewards are dispatched immediately after the players complete their daily puzzle challenges. With the ongoing development of the Anichess games, the developers introduced different types of Orbs, namely the pawn of water and the king of aether.

Occasionally, Anichess players are awarded based on the number of completed puzzle challenges. However, after completing Anichess’ challenges, the aggressive players can unlock additional challenges to gain victory. 

Elsewhere, the world chess champion, Carlsen, labeled the new game as a “refreshing chess experience.” Carlsen applauded Anichess for developing chess-oriented games. 

Future of Chess Games

In an earlier post, Anichess projected that spell chess puzzle features will dominate the future of online games. With the adoption of emerging technologies in games, the Anichess team will work on developing the player versus gameplay features in the coming months. 

In the January 11 X post, the Anichess team demonstrated its commitment to boosting the gaming experience through the Moca ID integration. Remarkably, the desire to redefine the gaming world compelled the Anichess team to launch a seed funding round led by Animoca Brands. 

In June last year, the Anichess netted $1.5 million in a seed funding round to support the expansion of the gaming world. In an earlier interview, the chief strategy officer at, Grant Lee, stated that the collaboration with Anichess aimed at providing the players with a unique gaming experience.

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