American presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, issued a statement yesterday, in which he talked about his view of crypto assets and the desire to control crypto assets supposing that he gets elected.

In case Yang wins the presidential race next year he has a desire to encourage financial growth and innovation through establishing guidelines for crypto assets. In his opinion, businesses and regular citizen must be capable of investing money with no worry about unexpected regulation shifts.

Yang thinks that the main problem is the vagueness of the countries present crypto asset regulations. The presidential candidate indicated that some federal agencies in the US took the responsibility of regulating the market. In Yang’s view, if the US has a desire to compete in the crypto space with countries such as China and Europe, the country’s regulations should improve.

He continues, saying that the government of the United States has to do a better job of creating a framework for countrywide regulations. He will be collaborating with Wyoming legislators and also the Token Taxanomy Act.

“It is time that the government establishes clear guidelines for the treatment and regulation of crypto asset markets,” Yang announced.

Of course, many politicians don’t follow through with their words, however, Yang is surely capturing hearts of many US crypto investors and hodlers.


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