Analysts Identify Sol as the Crypto “Netflix” for Crypto Enthusiasts

Solana has been racing to the top for quite a while and one of the reasons behind it is the Web 3 as well as the ignition infrastructure behind it. What’s more, these ignition infrastructures have been under development for a fair bit of time under the blockchain of SOL. Algorand, which happens to be an incredibly close competitor possesses a price potential that is quite low, especially when compared to SOL. This is particularly true for their profitability in the long run.

Many people predicted the immense rise of Solana and have been predicting it for plenty of years. However, no one paid too much attention to these predictions because there were plenty of other crypto options that were tremendously profitable. Now, however, SOL has been continuing its tremendous climb, which is why a large number or renowned crypto analysts believe it is the Netflix in the crypto world.

Some people in the crypto community have even gone as far as claiming that Solana has become a killer of ethereum. It is essentially a decentralized blockchain capable of scaling across parallelization. The continuing price rally of SOL has gained a great deal of attention from crypto experts as well as world-renowned enthusiasts. The managing partner and co-founder of multicoin capital, Kyle Samani appeared in an interview and was asked about what he thinks of SOL.

He then went on to claim that Solana has only begun to show its potential and will evolve even further down the line. After this, he made comparisons with Netflix, claiming that Solana and the video streaming platform are quite alike in the sense that their rise to the top has been nothing short of staggering.

While there are plenty of reasons for making this comparison, one of the main reasons was that Netflix was struggling quite a bit during its early days. The company wanted to get with the times but did not possess the bandwidth required to make it big. As time passed, however, more and more people at Netflix came to the realization that streaming videos online is the only way going forward. Fast forward today, Netflix is arguably one of the best video streaming platform out there.

Solana has been in a similar ship in the sense that its upward trajectory is quite similar to that of Netflix. Needless to say, experts suggest that there are going to be loads and loads of other additions in Solana which will attract even more investors. In addition to that, the people who were very high on SOL have been proven right as this crypto is making waves all over the world.

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