All You Need to Know About Quixotic NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible marketplaces became popular places where investors browse/buy/sell NFTs. Many individuals earn income by purchasing cheap NFTs and selling them at costly prices. Nevertheless, depending on one source carries downsides.

For instance, OpenSea runs on Ethereum. Trading on the platform might get expensive and slow. That’s where Quixotic comes in. It’s a new NFT market that runs on Optimism. This content evaluates the Quixotic cryptocurrency and how to purchase non-fungible tokens on Quixotic.

About Optimism

Optimism is a layer2 scaling solution based on the Ethereum blockchain. The best thing with Optimism is making ETH-related transactions somewhat inexpensive. Optimism ensures transactions flow from one blockchain to another, dramatically lowering gas charges while throughput soars.

Ethereum developers can use Optimism to access existing tools on the Ethereum blockchain without making changes. Optimism’s development team said investors would pay 10-times lower gas fees. The network uses Optimistic rollups to fight incorrect state transitions and fraud.

About Quixotic Crypto

Quixotic is the leading NFT marketplace running on Optimism. Quixotic revealed its launch to the public after announcing the Optimism airdrop. Operating on Optimism means cheap and fast operations and transactions that other marketplaces.

Quixotic has saved its users from transaction fees amounting to over $1.7 million since its inception. That’s an impressive figure since Quixotic launched one a month ago. Moreover, the platform has over 14,500 wallets that transacted non-fungible tokens, with an overall traded volume standing beyond 700 ETH. Pretty attractive!

Is There a Quixotic Token?

No, Quixotic is yet to introduce a token. Moreover, the project is new and is yet to discuss a possible token launch. Nevertheless, you can follow our platform for updates in case of changes.

Buying and NFT on Quixotic – How?

Quixotic welcomes new users. Keep in mind that early adopters enjoy an impressive advantage. That doesn’t imply getting rich overnight. Nevertheless, trading non-fungible tokens will be smoother as the network grows. Moreover, you will access different markets on Optimism. Here’s the procedure to purchase your NFT on Quixotic.

  1. Register for a Metamask wallet.
  2. Purchase some Ether from a layer1 exchange (Kraken or Binance).
  3. Send the bought ETH to the Metamask wallet.
  4. Visit Optimism bridge to convert the ETH L1 to Ether L2 (connect the Meatamask with your bought Ethereum.
  5. Visit Quixotic & connect the Metamask wallet with the WTH L2.
  6. You can now buy NFTs without hurdles.

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