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Being the part of a fast-growing area of the crypto world and blockchain era digital network is a universal digital network which most of all focuses on collaboration and provision of managed data center services all over the world.

The platform has completely transformed the principle of advertising display and placement and has created its own business model. The platforms aims at fairness and transparency between social networks and the user so that the Users can get a reward up to 50% of the ad cost paid by the client per each view. digital network gives the possibility to its users to earn money in social web-sites via fiat or cryptocurrency.  It has its own token called me token. The processes carried out on the platform are absolutely automated. Each user of the platform have crypto-wallet and exchange service integrated into their account.

Here are the main advantages of the platform:

  • The number of coins on the exchange
  • Support of fiat currencies
  • Availability of trading tools
  • High trading volume
  • Payment choices (crypto/debit card, etc.)

The platform is growing at a very fast rate and if it continues to grow, it will soon become the largest alternative currency trading platform all over the world.


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