Alibaba & IBM Register Most Blockchain Patents

Recently, Alibaba and IBM claimed the top two positions on the new Ipr Daily list, in which world companies were ranked by the number of patents related to blockchain filed to date.

Alibaba took first place with 90, and IBM second with 89 patent applications. In third place was Mastercard, with 80, followed by Bank of America and the People’s Bank of China with 53 and 44 patent applications, respectively.

According to the data, Chinese companies accounted for 56% of the total number of 406 patents in the world, and the USA lagged behind with a share of only 22%. These data showed how the attitude towards the blockage is changing, as large companies begin to view technology as a valuable innovative tool, especially for solving security problems in finance.

Despite his open skepticism about bitcoin, Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba, siays that it “should be used to solve problems of privacy, security and data sustainability. This can change our world more than people can imagine.”

Alibaba accounts for more than 10% of patent applications filed globally. One such patent application filed in June was the system for adjusting balances through the block to facilitate cross-border transactions in which a third-party payment provider was specifically involved.

IBM also recently announced its plan to demonstrate a payment based on blockchain at the annual Swift conference in October in Sydney. Blockchain World Wire of IBM will provide banks with a method of simultaneous clearing and settlement of payments in real time.


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