Akoin Gains A lot of Success and Next Stop is Worldwide Domination

As per the latest reports, the cryptocurrency project is known as “Akoin” has been making a lot of progress since its pilot launch. Akoin is a cryptocurrency project that was reportedly developed and launched by the singer Akon.

The reports confirm that the pilot testing for the Akoin has commenced at the Mwale Medical Technology City (MMTC). The Mwale Medical Technology City (MMTC) is located in Western Kenya. The reports confirm that the plot testing for Akoin has proven to be a huge success.

Following the successful, pilot testing of the Akoin at MMTC, the next strategy for the Akoin is to spread it worldwide. Therefore, the development team for Akoin is planning to roll out the project all over the world. The development team has confirmed that the rollout for the Akoin project would be carried out until next month.

The pilot for the Akoin project had been initiated starting November 2020 at the MMTC. The transaction data recorded from the pilot project shows that $5 million worth of transactions is being processed on a monthly basis. One of the Mwale Medical Technology City spokespeople has shared information around the success and growth of the project.

During the pilot phase of the Akoin, the residents of the MMTC were allowed to transact through Akoin. The MMTC residents were also allowed to accept payments in the form of Akoin. During the pilot phase, the MMTC residents were also allowed to receive funds in the form of Akoin on their smartphones and get them converted to calling minutes.

Furthermore, the residents could also acquire Akoin in other forms of exchange. This was to ensure that the users continued receiving Akoin and getting used to using the digital currency in the form of payments and other utilities.

In order to gain more success, the Akoin project is being rolled out in a very smart manner. The development team is planning to roll out the project at the starting of the month of September. It is being estimated that following the rollout of the project, it would be able to achieve $2 billion worth of sales by 2022.

It is hoped that by that time, Akoin would have the status of being used as the only currency in the city for business. Once launched, every person within the city would be able to benefit from it. However, the initial rollout phase of Akoin will target social activists, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The development team for Akoin is aiming to launch the digital asset all across Africa in the coming months. This is to ensure that the Akoin has even local exposure so it does not face any problems when being launched globally.

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