Active Brokerz Review: Trading Power for All Traders

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Financial freedom comes with business smartness and not just hard work. Having the right information is wealth itself. People are daily looking for ways to make money and make even more. Economic resources are scarce, which has led to the pursuit of the available resources that can guarantee financial independence.

Business-oriented individuals are constantly in search of investment opportunities that can earn them passive income. Therefore, it is no surprise that people venture into businesses and economic sectors that they no idea of, just because it is a lucrative industry or venture.

While there are several avenues you can take to make a profit in the various sectors of the global economy, forex stands out as one of the oldest, profitable, and reliable investment.

Forex has turned several smart traders, investors, and organizations into independent financial entities. This is why trading in the financial market remains relevant and lucrative to date. The success story of traders and investors in the assets trading market has equally attracted several potential investors. Trading financial products have become prevalent due to the convenience and comfort-ability of executing trades from any location and. The internet has turned the world into a global village. The financial market is not left out. The acceptance and profit potentials of digital assets such as forex, indices, metals, commodities, and cryptos have further popularized the financial market.

Interestingly, these assets can be traded by anyone, regardless of their experience in the financial market. Besides, trading forex and other financial products can be done at the trader and investor’s convenience. Although trading can be executed, most people have taken financial asset trading as a career, devoting their time and other resources.

To enjoy and take advantage of the market’s profit potentials, it is important to understand the volatility and risk involved in trading in the financial market. The same trade or asset that has the potential of creating wealth can equally lead to a colossal loss if not properly and calculatedly excited. This is why traders and investors to make successful trades need a platform upon which they can implement their trades. This platform is known as a broker or brokerage firm.

A broker is a mediator or middleman between a buyer and a seller or an intermediary for a trader or investor who buys and sells financial assets or products for a commission. The foreign exchange market is a global financial market for buying, selling and exchanging currencies, and determining foreign exchange rates for every currency. Hence, smart traders and investors need the platform of a global and borderless broker with reliable and proven results. The foreign exchange (forex) market as an international over the counter (OTC) market involves investors, traders, organizations, government agencies, and other financial institutions. Hence, traders and investors need not just any broker but a legitimate, strong, responsible, and experienced brokerage firm.

In choosing a broker, several factors must be considered by any trader or investor. The right choice of a broker can lead to pleasant trading experience, and the wrong broker choice can mar the financial goals of a trader, which can eventually lead to loss of funds and investments.

A number of exchange and brokerage platforms have emerged in the financial market, offering diverse services and promises to investors and traders. As a result, there are tons of options available for investors and traders in the financial market. The challenge facing many traders and investors is how to identify the legitimate and reliable brokers and the factors to consider in choosing a brokerage platform.

There are many legitimate and scam brokers in the market. Any unsuspecting trader or investor that picks a wrong brokerage firm will eventually leave the financial market frustrated. Hence, there is a need for traders and investors to have 100% certainty and evaluation of the legitimacy and honesty of a brokerage before committing their funds and investment to its platform.

There is a necessity for traders and investors to evaluate the features and services offered by a broker. This includes the trading account options, the trading products offered to clients, the instructiveness and ease of use of its trading platform, the responsiveness of its customer support team, the safety measures put in place to protect its platform and clients assets, the fees and commission charged on trades, ease of banking on its platform, and the professionalism of the broker among others.

Another important area to look out for is how the vision and goals of a broker align with your financial and investment goals. There is no point moving with a partner that has a different agenda or goals. It will be difficult to achieve your business or financial goals in the market when your broker has a contradicting vision and goals from yours. This will equally determine how far you can go in trading the financial market.

Meanwhile, few brokerage firms have been through the ups and downs of the financial assets trading market, understand what every move of the market means, and understand what every trader or investor requires in the assets trading market. These brokers have professional experience in trading and client management.

One credible, trustworthy, competent, and legitimate brokers offering financial services in the market is Active Brokerz. Here is a review of its platform, services, and attributes.

Summation of Active Brokerz platform

Broker Active Brokerz
Location Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7) support – email, phone, and Contact Us Form
Trading account options Beginner account, intermediate account, and expert account
Minimum deposit €250
Language options English language and German language
Deposit and withdrawals MasterCard, visa card, bank wire transfer, UpayCard, and Moneynet
Accepted fiat currencies USD, GBP, and EUR
Account opening fee Zero
Demo account Available
Trading platforms Web trader, meta trader 4, and mobile trader
Investor resources Economic calendar, technical analysis, online academy, forex cross rates, and real time charts
Security measures Anti-money laundering (AML), know your customers (KYC), 3D-Secure, 256-Piece SSL encryption, Proof of identity (POI), and Proof of residence (POR)
Education and training Educational videos, eBook, webinars, one-on-one training, and Facebook education group
Trading products Forex/CFDs

 About Active Brokerz

Active Brokerz is an investment brokerage firm offering global financial and brokerage services to traders and investors in the financial market. The broker was founded by a team of seasoned professionals and financial experts dedicated to providing boutique service for professional traders and investors. The broker offers its services across all classes of investors and traders, regardless of their trading experience – beginners or experts. Active Brokerz is an award-winning one-stop brokerage firm that is focused on delivering value to its clients.

The broker’s financial products and services to its numerous clients are geared at helping traders and investors maximize their investment returns through the provision of unparalleled access and advantages in financial assets trading. The Active Brokerz platform operates a client-first approach, enabling the firm to provide exceptional tools that can help its clients enjoy a pleasant trading experience and optimize their returns. The premium value-added service of the broker has endeared many traders and investors to its platform and has equally distinguished it among its competitors in the financial market.

A Quick Overview of Active Brokerz 

Interestingly, every trader and investor enjoy personalized attention and a superb user experience from the broker’s team of qualified representatives who are available all round the clock to provide support to its numerous clients. Besides, traders and investors are not limited to any particular trading platform. Active Brokerz enables its clients to choose the trading platform best suited to their trading and investment needs. Regardless of the level of trading experience of its clients, the trading platforms are easy to use and interact with, as they are equipped to aid the trades of the clients. Likewise, the award-winning trading technology of Active Brokerz is easy to navigate and is designed to optimize performance for traders and investors.

As a client-centered brokerage platform, the broker has a dedicated team of financial market experts who spend countless productive time developing research and strategies that traders and investors can always rely upon. The broker understands the volatility and the dynamic nature of the financial market and thus provides signals, real-time insights, and live updates for its clients ahead of their trades.

Furthermore, traders and investors are not left alone at the mercy of the market. The broker constantly updates its clients with the latest information. The research and educational tools and materials provided to the broker’s clients aim to ensure that clients are equipped with the technicality of the market and the knowledge to optimize their value.

One of the important elements of a dependable brokerage firm is the ease of banking on its platform. Deposit of funds and withdrawal of earnings on the Active Brokerz platform is easy and straightforward. The broker has provided several payment methods for the convenience of its clients, such as visa card, MasterCard, bank wire transfer, and other alternative payment solutions. Although ActiveBrokerz does not accept cash payment or deposit on its platform as a security measure, the broker accepts bank wire transfer using either the US dollar (USD), British Pounds (GBP), or the Euro (EUR).

Moreover, several trading accounts are on offer for the broker’s clients. Each trader and investor on this broker’s service can choose any trading account that suits their investment needs and experience level. With a minimum deposit of €250 that can further be invested up to €20000, the Active Brokerz trading accounts accommodate all traders and investors’ classes. Each trading account on their broker’s platform has access to its trading platforms, educational resources, account managers, 24/7 customer support, and daily market research reports.

The Active Brokerz platform is safe and protected against cyber-attack, financial irregularities, or loss of data. The broker has put in place several security measures to protect the information and funds of its clients. The broker has equally shown a strict commitment to regulation and standards, which is evident in its privacy policy, terms and conditions, trading restriction policy, and other security measures.

Unique Services and Features of Active Brokerz

Superb Client Experience

As a client-oriented broker, Active Brokerz ensures that its clients enjoy a pleasant trading experience by providing each trader and investor with personal attention through its team of customer support representatives. The customer service team of Active Brokerz is well trained in client management and experienced in the techniques of trading in the financial market. The customer support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and can be reached through email, telephone, office address, or the Contact Us form on its website.

Top Flight Trading Technology

Active Brokerz provides award-winning trading platforms for its clients. These trading platforms are user-friendly, easy to use, and interactive. The available trading platforms provided by this broker are:

The Web Trader: Active Brokerz provides an adaptable, robust, and cutting-edge web-based trading platform for its clients, which provides traders and investors with an easy way to access and benefit from the financial market. The web trader remains the ultimate solution for online trading, and its wide range of functionality makes it popular among beginners and experienced traders and investors. This trading platform is accessible on any internet-enabled web browser, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and more.

The Meta Trader 4 (MT4): The prominent Mt4 is a trading platform that is popular with all classes of traders and investors. The MT4 is equipped with several trading tools, charts, news feeds, multiple language support, and more.

The Mobile Trader: The mobile trader ensures that clients can execute their trades anytime without missing out on any trading opportunities. The mobile trader is available for download and is optimized for mobile phone and tablet usage.

Different Trading Account Options

Regardless of the level of experience and investment capability of traders and investors in the financial market, Active Brokerz has trading accounts that can suit all classes of traders. The various trading account options are:

The Beginner Account: The beginner trading account is the first trading account of Active Brokerz and is suitable for beginner traders and investors. The trading account has a minimum deposit of €250, with complete access to the broker’s top assets. Clients also enjoy access to online live webinars and free daily market research reports.

The Intermediate Account: The intermediate trading account is the most popular trading account with the best value for the clients of Active Brokerz. The trading account is suitable for traders and investors with a considerable level of experience in the financial market. The account comes with a minimum deposit of €5000. Other features of the intermediate trading account are:

  • Access to top assets of Active Brokerz
  • Free daily market research reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-on-one live sessions (3 sessions)
  • Online academy
  • Online live webinars
  • Three months of access to an expert advisor

The Expert Account: As the name implies, this trading account is designed for professional and expert investors and traders. The apex trading account of this broker comes with a minimum deposit of €20000. Clients on this account level enjoy unlimited access to an expert financial advisor and an unlimited one-on-one session with a dedicated account manager. Other features of this trading account are:

  • Access to top assets of Active Brokerz
  • Free daily market research reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Online academy
  • Online live webinars
  • Full access to the broker’s live trading room

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Clients of Active Brokerz have no worries in terms of funding their trading accounts and withdrawal of earnings. The broker provides several payment channels for the ease of its clients. The broker’s clients can deposit and withdraw funds using a Visa card, MasterCard, UpayCard, Moneynet, and bank wire transfer.

Safety of Funds and Information

The safety of funds and information of its clients is paramount to Active Brokerz. The funds of the clients are held with top-level banks across Europe. Besides, the broker uses SSL encryption to secure data transmission and communication between the server and the clients. Furthermore, Active Brokerz complies with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) international security policies. As a result, clients of the broker are mandated to verify their identity and personal information with the Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR) documentations.

Investor Resources and Tools

Clients of Active Brokerz are provided with unique and relevant trading tools and resources, such as economic calendar, technical analysis, forex cross rates, and real-time charts. Likewise, there is a provision for educational resources, including videos, eBooks, webinars, and Facebook education group.


Active Brokerz is established with the interest of traders and investors in the financial market. Investing in the Active Brokerz platform can guarantee a profit on your investment.

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