A New Forbes Article Claims that Bitcoin is the Best Asset Invention of the 21st Century

A new article published by Forbes has been making rounds in the crypto community. The topic of the article deals with the subject of financial independence and liberty. The author of the article, Jameson Lopp, posits that there is no better and more accessible asset class than Bitcoin. Lopp starts the article by talking about the most accomplished industries and the topmost tiers of society like Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley.

He moves forward to claim that the massive wealth-making secrets and apparatus have been at the disposal of a select few members for the longest time. It seems impossible for the general public to find free time to learn or employ the esoteric tools and services required to amass a huge amount of wealth and create a diversified investment portfolio. However, the invention of Bitcoin takes the investment opportunities to all ranks of society and all social classes.

Bitcoin is a Compact Fort that is Impossible to Invade from any Direction

The next huge advantage that Bitcoin provides is the absolute protection of money. On one end, it has opened up a way to act as an excellent store of value. On the other side, cryptography provides it with uncanny cybersecurity prowess. While many Bitcoin advocates talk about the decentralized nature and resistance to unsanctioned edits, this function of Bitcoin is far-reaching. 

The fact of the matter is that blockchain technology has made the cost of the defence much lower than the cost of the offence. This crucial component in Bitcoin makes it almost invincible as the threat actors could not hope to gain any advantages from trying to attack the ecosystem. 

Bitcoin Provides People with True Freedom on their Assets and Trims out any Third Party Intervention

The Forbes article presents another point in support of Bitcoin. As per the article, any person holding Bitcoin in the lowest amount will gain all the security advantages used by any person with a massive mass of holdings. This feature allows people to become independent in the matter of handling their digital assets at their discretion despite the outward legal implications.

Additionally, any person who holds Bitcoin can even start a new digital bank. This bank will allow investors to lock their investment into a digital vault which will be entirely unbreakable. Any person or entity trying to gain access into the Bitcoin holdings will remain locked out, and the funds can remain intact for decades.

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