A Multi-Billion Dollar Investment Firm is Aiming to Pump the Crypto Market with a $100 Million Injection

Cryptology Asset Group is the brainchild of co-founders Christian Angermayer and Mike Novogratz. The firm that is made up of 85% of the total capital assets from Novogratz is getting ready to start a new crypto venture firm with a massive investment budget. The Cryptology Asset Group is based in Malta and would be creating a strong holding of cryptocurrencies worth $100 million.

Novogratz, who started his career as a Goldman Sachs executive, founded a private firm later on called Galaxy Digital. Since its conception in 2018, Galaxy Digital has managed to get an AUM evaluation of more than $1.5 million. Furthermore, Cryptology Asset Group has become the largest crypto investment enterprise and blockchain trader in Europe.

Novogratz has been a visible supporter of cryptocurrencies. However, he is considered to be a firebrand in the crypto space due to his overenthusiastic approach and high stakes in crypto-related ventures. His private investment firm Galaxy Digital also has a considerable amount of crypto funds on its balance sheets.
Patrick Lowry, CEO at Cryptology Asset Group, claims that the enterprise has gone from $33 million to $540 million in capital strength in a matter of 3 years. Novogratz has also been trying to get cryptocurrencies to become a mainstream commodity. He has dedicated the last six years of his life to get as many new investors in the crypto space as possible. Under his supervision, the firm aims to support the crypto space by working on first-time investment funds, crypto broker training, seeding events, and Crypto GP stakes.

Mike Novogratz, the former Goldman Sachs alum, recently issued a statement claiming that blockchain technology is much more than just an investment opportunity. He further added that crypto ventures are more than just financial investments. This nascent technology is the start of a new revolution that would change the meaning of commerce and trade forever. Therefore, he wants to add as many new players to the game as possible.

On the other hand, Christian Angermeyer remarked that with the help of Cryptology Asset Group, the firms want to lead the way for starting the crypto transition and derivation from the customary financial systems. The new crypto enterprise wants to focus and cultivate new talent in the field of cryptocurrencies. The firm would also be operating on a global scale that would make way for crypto-related equities and blockchain-based products.

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