A Man with a Giga-Brain Starts Talking About Bitcoin

It has no longer remained a surprise that almost every day, an influential personality turns pro-crypto, and especially, pro-Bitcoin. This is exactly what has happened with yet another very influential person who is known for using his brain a lot.

Among his followers, he has been named as the man with a giga-brain. He has shared his views and analysis on several kinds of things and different topics, whether they are related to politics, economics, technology, or any other field.

The name of this very influential and very controversial psychologist from Canada is Jordan Peterson. He is known for talking about different stuff and sharing many controversies through his podcasts.

In the latest podcast episode he hosted, he talked only about Bitcoin. In the podcast, he talked about the current position and future of Bitcoin in the traditional financial sector.

It was on Tuesday, August 10, 2021, when Jordan Peterson went ahead and published his podcast that was dedicated to discussions on Bitcoin. Even the title for the particular podcast episode was “Bitcoin: The Future of Money?”

This goes to show that almost every person wants to know about cryptocurrencies. People are determined to know more about cryptocurrencies, where Bitcoin is on top of the list. Bitcoin is currently at the center of the entire cryptocurrency industry and this is why it is the largest cryptocurrency.

In the particular podcast episode, he invited people who are pro-Bitcoiners including the host of a show named “What is Money?” Robert Breedlove. Robert Breedlove is also known for being an ex-hedge fund manager. The podcast also included Richard James a film creator, Der Gigi a Bitcoin coder, and Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast’s host, John Vallis. All these personalities were present in the podcast as the honorary panel.

In the particular podcast, the host, claiming to be having 150 IQ talked about the technology that goes behind operating Bitcoin. While providing a description of the technology going behind the making and operating of Bitcoin, he called Bitcoin an incorruptible asset.

Peterson even went ahead and compared Bitcoin with gold, stating that Bitcoin has actually managed to prove its worth in the market. He went ahead and discussed the attributes of Bitcoin with the entire panel and getting their views on his statements.

While providing a description of Bitcoin, he stated that one of the most prominent features of Bitcoin is that it is completely transparent. He admired that Bitcoin is completely decentralized, making it a highly preferred asset among those who are concerned about their identities and sharing of personal information.

He stated that Bitcoin is an asset, which cannot be inflated, cannot be stolen, and cannot be cracked. He also stated that Bitcoin does not even demonstrate any administrative control over its system and operations.

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