A Cryptocurrency-Based Instagram Competitor Belacam Receives Investments From Forex.Com

The Gambia Find, the superior form of Belacan, got a $150k capital investment from Mark Galant, the founder of GAIN Capital / Forex.com.

Through 18 months of growth, The Gambia Fund is starting Belacam.com on July 20th, 2018. Belacan is a cryptocurrency-based public multimedia site such as Instagram where users earn $.05 – $.10 for each ‘like’ that they can have on their photos.

The Ambia Fund is lucky to have someone of Galant’s scale on their group. His acute work experience and capacity to give amount to firms are huge assets.

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This investment was desired to contribute Belacam to millions of possible users and widen the group. As the founder of GAIN Capital/Forex.com, Galant increased his firm to a cost estimate of over $1 Billion and an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange. Forex.com is on step to process nearly $3 trillion in 2018 retail international exchange volume.

Galant mentioned the skilled group and the emerging destination market for Belacam and cryptocurrencies in overall as a few of his reasons for making the investment.

The investment appears at a time when the cryptocurrency exchanges are in a crisis. The Bela token, which powers Belacam, strike a market size of $22 million previously this year but right now stands at a fraction of that all-time high.

Belacam is a not difficult way to provoke that approval. Anyone can interact with a cryptocurrency in an unimpeded way, earning it for each ‘like’ on their photos. It makes a new world where a creative photo of your lunch earns money that can pay for the lunch.



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