A Crypto-Enthusiast Became A Governor Of California

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A Crypto-Enthusiast Became A Governor Of California

Democratic party member Gavin Christopher Newsom defeated Republican John Cox in the election of the Governor of California. In Twitter Newsom commented on his victory with the ardent speech:

“It’s time to move on and go together. For the sake of achievements. Trusts. Truths. It’s time for the leaders. It’s California time.”

51-year-old Newsom became the first politician to start accepting cryptocurrencies as donations for the election campaign in support of blockchain technologies:

“I have to help the technology at least with my statement about the adoption of cryptocurrency as funds for my campaign.”

Gavin kept his promise, but later, in September, the California authorities imposed a ban on raising funds for election campaigns in cryptocurrencies. The authorities’ decision is related to the high level of anonymity of decentralized digital currencies such as Monero, and as a result they are regarded as an “opaque tool for political campaigns”.

Earlier it was reported that the US presidential candidate Andrew Young also plans to accept cryptocurrencies in the framework of his election campaign. A similar statement, of course, came from John McAfee, who was also going to run for President of the United States in 2020.

Another cryptocurrency-friendly American Congressman Jared Polis won the election for the post of Governor of Colorado. Polis actively acted as a supporter of cryptocurrencies, he even posted on his website a few quotes about the high potential of blockchain technologies in the field of public administration.

Recall that in August, the US Congressman and Chairman of the legal Committee of the US House of Representatives, Bob Goodlatte, became the first politician to publish data on his crypto-currency assets in the framework after the change in the rules of the Declaration of income. The documents submitted by the Congressman include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.


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