A Business Leading Entity from Russia is Pitching Bitcoin to Central Bank

As per the latest reports, Oleg Deripaska has tried making the central bank of Russia realize the importance of Bitcoin (BTC). He has asked the central bank of Russia as well as the Russian government to realize how important it is to adopt Bitcoin.

He stated that the government of Russia needs to stop ignoring the market presence reputation of the largest cryptocurrency in the entire world. Deripaska has asked this of the Russian government after the FBI in the United States raided his New York and Washington house.

Deripaska shared his concerns about the Russian central bank through a Telegram post, which he posted on Thursday, October 21, 2021. In his post, he stated that the Russian central bank as well as the government of Russia are not paying any attention to the cryptocurrency industry.

They are constantly ignoring the progress and the tremendous growth the entire cryptocurrency sector is demonstrating. The Russian government needs to choose what is best for the public of the country and let them trade in something that is profitable for them.

He stated that there is hardly any industry that has recorded the same kind of growth and success as the cryptocurrency industry. Before cryptocurrencies, the only or technology that gained so much public attention and worldwide adoption internet itself.

He stated that digital currencies have a lot of potentials and the government of Russia needs to be very positive towards cryptocurrencies. If Russia doesn’t adopt and invest in cryptocurrencies, especially, Bitcoin, then it would be missing out on something really important.

With the help of cryptocurrencies and most importantly, Bitcoin, the Russian government would be able to boost its economy. This way, the country will also be able to fight off the sanctions that the United States has imposed on Russia.

On top of that, the Russian government can use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to devalue the United States dollar. With cryptocurrencies, Russia will be able to weaken the value of the USD.

He stated that the reason why the United States is trying to get rid of cryptocurrencies is that it is fully aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies. With the passage of time, uncontrollable digital payments have been on the rise.

This means that the United States’ dollar no longer has the market value and worth it used to have in the past. With the help of decentralized cryptocurrency payments, sanctions have lost their impact on the economy of countries. As a result, it is not just the USD losing its worth but it is the United States of America itself that is losing its network around the world.

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