There are More than 5000 Cryptomattes in the World

There are More than 5000 Cryptomattes in the World

According to CoinATMRadar, for the first time in the history of the crypto industry, the number of cryptomattes has reached 5,000 units in the world.

The latest statistics show that currently there are 5,006 cryptomattes in 90 countries of the world, through which users can buy or sell crypto coins. Only some devices offer both services – buy and sell, at the same time.

The United States continues to lead with the number of cryptomattes installed in the country. Recently it became known that the Chicago crypto coin OTC-platform DigitalMint installed cryptomattes in 20 Circle K stores as part of a pilot program in the US Arizona and Nevada states. At the same time, in the beginning of the year, information appeared that the number of cryptomattes in Russia reduced by 32%.

The last important milestone in the distribution of cryptomattes was achieved last autumn. Then it was reported that their number around the world is approaching approximately 4,000 devices.

What’s more, the popularity of kiosks for the purchase of crypto coin is increasing. In the spring, coin-cashing kiosk Coinstar expanded and more than 2,000 new kiosks were installed in stores in 19 different states of the United States.

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