34 Year-Old Ex-Oxford Student Turns To Britain’s Youngest Bitcoin Billionaire

A 34-year-old Oxford graduate who lives in Hong Kong has been found to be \ the UK’s youngest bitcoin billionaire.

Ben Delo, who established BitMex in 2014, has also turned to Britain’s youngest self-made multimillionaire.

To live modestly with his wife Pan Pan Wong, he said he had worked 18-hour days to develop his start-up into a blossoming trading platform.

The Sunday Times indicates that Delo and his co-founders have accumulated a enormous fortune from the company which cost  around $3.6billion.

He analyzed maths and computer science at Worcester College, Oxford, graduating in 2005 with a first-class degree.

When working for IBM as a software engineer, he continued to be employed in the City and then went to Hong Kong to work for JP Morgan.

BitMex was established next to U.S. colleague Samuel Reed, a computer programmer.

Delo is mentioned to imitate U.S. magnate Warren Buffett in his humble way of life in Hong Kong.

The bitcoin billionaire and his wife according to the reports use vouchers to buy food at McDonalds and possess only three pairs of shoes.

He also designed to follow the lead of Buffett and Bill Gates to give most of his wealth to charitable causes.

Bitcoin saw its worth became incredibly high last year – beating the 17th Century dutch Tulip Mania, the South Sea bubble and the dot com bubble of the early 2000s to become the largest economic bubble in history.

But a month ago Bitcoin prices fell sharply by 12 per cent – leaving it at a two-month low – after cryptocurrency exchange Coinrail identified it had carried a hack.

Digital coins lost more than $42 billion (£31 million) in value global, sparking fresh concerns about the security of virtual currency exchanges, like Coinrail.


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