Top Coins To Hold Until 2020

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Top Coins To Hold Until 2020

By the end of 2017 cryptocurrency boom attracted a huge amount of speculative investment. There are number of fantastic opportunities for investors who are happy to stick around for a little longer. We’ll take a look at some digital currencies that investors should hold until 2020.


The underlying fundamentals of Bitcoin are basically unchanged from the days when it was hitting valuations of $20,000 or more. There is a chance it could test these high levels again and some investors with a little more confidence (and patience) than the market as a whole could make very tidy profits.


This is another of the big players in the cryptocurrency world that has had a fairly difficult time of late. Litecoin has struggled to gain backing from the kind of financial big players that have given Ripple its boost in recent months. There are, however, some signs that this type of backing is on the way, meaning that Litecoin could have a fairly bright future.


Bitcoin News

The key difference here are smart contracts. Ethereum allows users to automatically send payments when certain conditions are met, unlike many other cryptocurrencies. This feature, combined with its relatively high profile, should assure a bright future.


As the major players showed interest that Ripple has seen from major players, there are rumours the Coinbase exchange is planning to add Ripple token to its ist of tradable coins. It could open new markets to Ripple and increase the number of investors who can easily trade it.


Stellar, built on the same protocol as Ripple is an alternative currency that targets smaller transactions. This means that it enjoys the same robust features as Ripple but with lower barriers to entry for day-to-day users. This could well be a coin that enters into mainstream use.


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