The Largest Operator Of China Electric Buses And The Blockchain ​​Partner Of The Company Is Involved In The Transaction With The Cost Of 24 Billion Dollars

American technology firm Seven Stars Cloud Group (SSC) announced the conclusion of a deal with China’s largest electric bus operator to provide financial services using blockchain technology.

Seven Stars Cloud Group (SSC) said that its partnership with National Transportation Capacity Co Ltd (NTS) will be for three years and will amount to 24 billion dollars.

As part of China’s continuing interest in overhauling electric public transport, the government plans to replace all traditional buses with electric vehicles already in 2021.

The Seven Stars Cloud Group (SSC) will provide “fixed-income products through financing” through regulated networks, which in turn will provide National Transportation Capacity Co Ltd (NTS) with regulated regulatory financial products.

In the meantime, the blocking integration continues to develop rapidly at the highest level of many economic spheres in China. From the study of payment systems blockchain by the Bank of China and UnionPay to tax invoices, only this month important announcements were made from both the public and private sectors.


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