Some professional teams got access to TON network’s test version.

It looks like TON network’s final version soon. This is reported by Vedomosti, citing the information of 2 sources. Indeedt, teams the network node was established. The news reporting companies’ leaders mentioned that it is early yet to speak about any results.

Vedomosti quoted: “Initial results show a very high transaction rate. The code of the blockchain is only being tested so far, thus, specific speed indicators are silent”. However, bone of two sources provided more information. The other interviewee mentioned that this testing will help them to find out the network bandwidth. Alexander Filatov who is the Managing Director of TON.labs, gave no comments on this.

It is worth to mention that in early February the 1st news about TON test network’s early launch appeared. At that time, the project was ready for 90%, the TON virtual machine was ready for 95%. However, basic smart contracts and their samples were actively been worked and were ready for only 20%.

Developers underlined that the priority is to launch a test network which will support the simplest smart contracts. in February, there was also an information that TON Gram’s own network tokens purchase agreements could be canceled if the project not be launched before October 31 of this year.


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