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Rolls-Royce Dealer Center Now Accepts Payment In Cryptocurrencies

Rolls-Royce Dealer Center Now Accepts Payment In Cryptocurrencies

Dealer Center Post Oak Motor Cars, engaged in sales of luxury cars brands Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti will now accept payment for their luxury cars through Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, through a partnership with bitcoin processor BitPay.

As the leading dealer of luxury cars, Tilman Fertita, owner of Post Oak Motor Cars, has always wanted to offer his customers the best way to purchase the cars, and this partnership will enable anyone around the world to buy cars faster and easier.

Customers wishing to pay BTC or BCH can do this from anywhere in the world using BitPay.

Now the cost of bitcoins is $ 6306, so to buy, for example, a Rolls-Royce worth $ 350,000, you will need 55.5 bitcoins. Post Oak Motor Cars is not the first dealer center that took Bitcoin instead of more traditional forms of cash: at the beginning of this year, the dealership in California accepted the orders of Bugatti Chiron and Pagani Huayra in Bitcoin.

Earlier this year, the largest US car manufacturer Ford applied for a patent for a wireless data exchange system between vehicles and road infrastructure, the commission for use of which will be levied in the crypto currency.

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