Reality Shares: Nasdaq Partner Wants To Launch Blockchain Economic index

Reality Shares, an investment marketplace, cooperates with Nasdaq to create an index tracikng companies in the blockchain industry.
According to official statement says the Smart Beta Index (Reality Shares Nasdaq Blockchain Economy Index – an economic index of blockchain from Reality Shares Nasdaq) designed to use internal and external research, working on a proprietary ranking system “Blockchain Score”.

Based on new index, Reality Shares is going to launch Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). They sent an application to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
Frederic Voss, the vice president of Nasdaq, said that cooperation will help to create a “valid method” to track the development of blockchain sector. The ETF filling states, that the new index may include equity securities of both operating and non-operating companies.
Eric Ervin, CEO of Reality Shares says:
“These new solutions, in our opinion, may have a negative impact on existing industries. So, the new companies not using blockchain, will earn on a background of organizations.”


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