Price Analysis of MetaVisa Protocol (MESA) and WOLF PUPS (WOLFIES)

MetaVisa Protocol (MESA)

At the time of writing, the trading price of the MetaVisa Protocol is at a high of 0.01479 per MESA. The bulls have formed a strong rally bringing MetaVisa Protocol to its current trading price. They are determined to defend the trading current trading price with all their abilities.

They are pouring in money in defense of the rally and may continue pushing the bears out of the competition. The trend line for MetaVisa Protocol shows that its trading price was worth a low of $0.006748 per MESA on May 4.

Moving from May 4 to May 8, the bears managed to push the trading price of MESA from $0.006748 to $0.006073. However, the 146.04% rally formed by the bulls starting May 9 until now, has brought MetaVisa Protocol to its current high trading benchmark.

According to the analysis data coming from several on-chain data analytical firms, it is not the end of the rally for MetaVisa Protocol. The bulls may be getting ready for another rally, which may be stronger than the current one.

For this purpose, they will need to continue challenging the bears at every dip they have to form. They will need to draw the bears out of the competition and ensure they keep adding more investments to MetaVisa Protocol.

With such strong buying sentiments, MetaVisa Protocol bulls will have the chance to form stronger rallies. As a result, the trading price of MetaVisa Protocol may get pushed to a high trading price of $0.02058 per MESA.

As the growth indicators fall in favor of MetaVisa Protocol’s bullish run alongside the RSI, MetaVisa Protocol may surge to $0.02615 per MESA.


WOLF PUPS is also demonstrating a strong trend in terms of its trading price. The bulls are marching alongside the investors with positive intentions, which has made the recent rally a huge success.

On May 9, the trading price of WOLF PUPS was worth a low of $0.0003578 per WOLFIES. This is when the bulls formed their rally pushing the trading price of WOLF PUPS by 68.22%. Due to the strong rally, the trading price of WOLF PUPS is worth $0.0005449 per WOLFIES.

As the rally is not as strong as MetaVisa Protocol, therefore, the WOLF PUPS supporters will need to make stronger contributions. They will need to add more money to the cause to keep it fueled and strong. This way, the investors will succeed in pushing the trading price of WOLF PUPS to a high of $0.0007208 per WOLFIES.

If the buying momentum of the investors keeps rising and the RSI starts trailing the actual trend line, the trend will become more bullish. This would lay another strong foundation, allowing WOLF PUPS to grow up to $0.0008610 per WOLFIES.

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