Bitcoin News

Is Bitcoin price Heading To Zero?

Bitcoin News Is Bitcoin price Heading To Zero?

What Is Bitcoin?

As everyone knows Bitcoin is the first decentralised digital currency. Bitcoins are digital coins that you can send through the Internet. Compared to other alternatives, Bitcoin price has a number of advantages.

For example, Bitcoin price is transferred directly from person to person via the net without going through a bank or clearing house.This means that the fees are much lower, so you can use them in every country, your account cannot be frozen and there are no prerequisites or arbitrary limits.

Bitcoin news

Bitcoin price is generated all over the Internet by anybody running by Bitcoin miners.Mining requires a certain amount of work for each block of coins. This amount is automatically adjusted by the network such that Bitcoins are always created at a predictable and limited rate. Your Bitcoins are stored in your digital wallet which might look familiar if you use online banking.

When you transfer Bitcoins, an electronic signature is added.After a few minutes, the transaction is verified by a miner and permanently and anonymously store in the network.The Bitcoin price software is the completely open source and anybody can review the code. Bitcoin price is changing the finance on the same way the web changed publishing. When everyone has access to a global market, great ideas flourish. So Getting back to the Bitcoin news & Bitcoin Price.

Bitcoin News

Is Bitcoin price Heading To Zero?

Bitcoin news Says: The Bitcoin news is Private Fork Aiming to Make Bitcoin Anonymous

  • Japan Cracks Down on Foreign ICO Agency Operating Without License. BCH Wallet ‘Handcash’ Enables Bitcoin price NFC Transactions.
  • Bitcoin is “Under-Owned” Among Institutional Investors says, Dan Morehead.
  • Nuclear Engineers Arrested for Mining Cryptocurrency Using Government Supercomputer in Russia.
  • Law to Legalize Crypto Mining Introduced in Armenia.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitgrail Suspends Operations After ‘Losing’ $170 Million of Nano.
  • India’s Tax Department Issues Notices to 100,000 Crypto Investors


Bitcoin news

China banning cryptocurrency. During the cryptocurrency crash or dip and the few coins that everyone looking for picking up during this dip. Chase not allowing purchases of cryptocurrency where their credit cards so now one of Britain largest banks has officially decided to ban credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies, that’s a pretty bad idea on their part. They re going to be losing a lot of business on this but you guys can see it says their ban falls directly on the heels of JP Morgan Chase Bank of America and Citi groups identical decision. Ban credit card purchases of cryptocurrencies for their customers. The ban complete China blocks foreign crypto exchanges to counter financial risk.

Bitcoin news

The Japanese government believes it can take the lead in the regional cryptocurrency race, which it hopes will drive economic growth and bring it a hefty sum in taxes.China bans icons and Cryptos but it cant be enforced banks refused ICO and crypto payments but we have alternatives technology always overcomes legislation this is the truth, CEOs are the future and must be fought for and crypto is our right stand on our side without fear. Where all of a sudden all of your power is controlled or all of your power your data your form a whatever it may be is not controlled by one central. The source and that being the government they can,t tell you to know you cannot buy cryptocurrency in China that’s what literally trying to get rid.

Why are they scared of cryptocurrency why do they ban cryptocurrency and its because exactly what they re scared banks are scared of cryptocurrencies because cryptocurrencies can take you know destroy banks can put banks out of business and that’s terrible for banks right banks don’t want to be put on a business so they re trying their best to fight against it similarly to you know the government you know Google holds a lot of our information and that s a centralized system . We love Google for a homework and stuff all the time but its a centralized system and they know they have a lot of information which then again every time you use your credit card and stuff a lot of people get your information.

Over 100,000 #bitcoins seized in #Darknet marketplace bust .

The Future Of Bitcoin

The Latest Bitcoin news is that Just over a month ago the whole world was freaking out about Bitcoin price, its price simply skyrocketed, going to over to 20 thousand dollars and tons of people invested in heavily, expecting it to increase further to 100 thousand dollars maybe or even to a million dollar.But unfortunately tons of people lost money because over the last month, Bitcoin price went down significantly to under 10K and it seems to continue decreasing, and it will most likely, Its not surprising that bitcoin news is crushing because that’s how our economy works, Our economy works in a very predictive way, it grows slowly and then suddenly skyrockets,and then crushes, and after a period of time, it starts recovering back, and that process repeats over and over.The same cycle happens to companies, real estate and the most recently, it happened to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but why does that happens! In the free market, prices are set by the supply and demand, if more people want to buy something, the price naturally increase and vice versa of course, if the demand for iPhones decreases, the price naturally falls down!that’s why gold is expensive because the supply is limited while there are tons of people who want to buy it.

And as long as there will be a demand for gold, prices will stay high!In 1997, there was a dot-com bubble, the internet started exploding because everybody believed that this is the next big thing.Since everyone wanted to make money, people simply started throwing money at every new tech company, that’s why new companies emerged every day!In fact, over 1300 companies were created during that period and among them were Google, Amazon and many others.

The stock market was going through the roof because everyone was investing, so the media was obsessed about it and never stopped talking about the financial boom that was going on in the stock market, which drove even more people to invest and that led the prices to increase to unbelievable’s the stock price, for example, increased from less than 2 dollars to over 107 dollars in just 3 years, But as soon as people realized that most of these companies are overvalued, they wanted to get back their money before the market crashes otherwise they will lose all of their investments.And as always media started raising the panic again, that if that this is the end of the world, and that led everyone else to pull out their investments.And the result was that.

ost of these companies went bankrupt and people lost billions of’s stock price for example, fell to only 7 dollars and the company was on the brink of bankruptcy.Only a few companies could survive the crash and today they are leading the tech industry.The same thing happened in 2008 by the way and now its it is happening to cryptocurrencies, when Bitcoin price just emerged in 2008, it got a lot of attention from specialists who really understood its potential to replace our current monetary system since it has crushed the entire economy.

Over the years, besides attracting more and more people, many other cryptocurrencies emerged, exactly like in 1997 everyone started a tech company.And in January 2017 when the Bitcoin price become over 10 thousand dollars.The media became obsessed with it and started talking about it continuously, attracting massive amount of people who have absolutely no idea what its bitcoin or how does it works,but everyone wanted to make money, so people simply started throwing money into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and many cryptocurrencies emerged every single day and by the end of2017, there were almost 2 thousand cryptocurrencies in the market.

In fact, there is a website where you can go and create your own cryptocurrency, these massive investments,as soon as people realised that its a bubble, that Bitcoin price simply doesn’t worth that price,at least for now, a lot of people pulled out their investments which forced the prices to drop, and of course when the media stated reporting that Bitcoin price is falling,everyone else (especially the ones who dont understand how it works) also started selling their investment, which caused the price to fall even further.Exactly like what happened in the dot-com bubble in 1997.It goes back to the same basic principle of supply and demand! So the main question is, will it grow again!It is not sure exactly about bitcoin, but cryptocurrencies in general will start becoming more and more popular and probably will not experience such a dramatic growth like last year, and the one that will prove to be more reliable will most likely dominate the market in the coming future!

Bitcoin News

While Bitcoin experienced an unexpected surge in price towards the fade away of 2017, reaching a folder high of $19,783, it did the year all along each and every one the way to $13,889. In the forward days of 2018, alternatives surrounded by Ethereum and Ripple seem to be having their own moment otherwise, gone the latter increasing in value tenfold on the summit of the appendix month.

Investors appear to be taking a breather from bitcoin for now and looking at interchange cryptocurrencies, technology correspondent Arjun Kharpal said in a CNBC bank account.

Another place of the situation is the futures push. The Chicago Board Options Exchange last month started allowing traders to yield upon contracts based upon the compound predicted price. But considering a much-hyped begin, concerns have been raised later hint to the low number of contracts just 1,098 more contracts admission from the fall of the first week to December 29.

Bitcoin Price

We believe Bitcoin price disrupts gold we think it’s a better gold if you look at the properties and money and what makes gold scarcity Bitcoin price is actually fixed in supply it’s it’s so it’s better than the scarce and gold it’s more portable it’s more it’s fungible it’s more you know durable it sort of equals or better scold across the board so if you look at a hundred billion dollar market cap today now last week it might have been more like two hundred but so it’s actually a buying opportunity . We think that there’s a potential appreciation of thirty to forty times because you look at the gold market today. It’s a seven trillion dollar market and so a lot of people are starting to see they see that they recognize the store value properties so we think regardless of the price moves in the last few weeks it’s still very a very under appreciated asset in Bitcoin price just the first cut and if bitcoins a better gold imagine your financial system with only gold as an asset class that’s how sort of early in the beginning of this is there’s going to be a menu of many cryptocurrencies and they’re gonna re think the entire internet and how we’ve sort of view .

Bitcoin News

If you could never buy a piece of the internet back in the 90s you couldn’t buy the protocols you could buy you could invest in a VC firm on Sand Hill Road that had to pick Amazon versus so to get lucky and to be very privileged and get lucky a many times to get it now you can just buy a piece of the protocol so buying Bitcoin is like a call option on the entire Bitcoin ecosystem a Bitcoin company will not work out before Bitcoin works out itself first so the ultimate bitcoin bet is Bitcoin or ultimate ether ëthere iam bet is ether and you’re basically buying a piece of the racetrack and you’re not picking you to know Seabiscuit doesn’t matter who wins as long as the races are running you you’re a part of it and that’s the beauty here and usually the retail investors come in at the and you know they get dumped this stuff post IPO you know ten years after a company was founded now retail has been the ones who have been there first and actually Wall Street is completely asleep at the wheel and late to the game Silicon Valley is actually completely missed it to people in Silicon Valley and the companies have maybe personally got it some VCS have personally invested in coins but the structurally were unable to invest on had to invest in sequence and so buying gold or buying Bitcoin it’s not something they do but the partners were investing their own money in Silicon Valley very much missed cryptocurrency because they want to miss it it’s not good for this centralized application layer the fame companies that sit on top of the internet cryptocurrencies actually decentralized that pull it all down to the layer below the protocol there and the value actually accrues to the people who buy into and use and build the network, not one company there’s not a headquarters of Bitcoin or an ethereum these are these are networks that are centralized and owned by in a very democratic way the users of them .


A startling add-on Bloomberg footnote is making the rounds in the region of Monday daylight, arguing that Bitcoin is losing fans taking place for Wall Street. However, I think they buried the lede. About halfway through the version, the authors mention that XRP bulls outnumber bears 18-to-1.

Of course, Bloomberg without help interviewed one company for the parable: the London-based contracts-for-difference unlimited IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG). (Source: Investors Increasingly Willing to Spread Bet Against Bitcoin, Bloomberg, February 8, 2018.)

The data provided by IG is incredibly interesting. Here are some highlights:

  • Last January, 90% of traders were bullish on Bitcoin.
  • Today, one-quarter are betting BTC will decrease.
  • In other words, Bitcoin longs outnumber shorts 3-to-1.
  • Ethereum has a 12-to-1 ratio.
  • XRP has an 18-to-1 ratio.

Bitcoin News

To put this in turn, there are 10 long positions something bearing in mind Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) for all one sudden tilt. And Apple is easily the most affluent company re the planet, yet it runs below Ethereum and Ripple in terms of entrepreneur sentiment.

This data suggests Januarys storm clouds are finally dissipating. Cryptocurrency markets had a horrific begin to 2018, into the future nightmarish price crashes through the month and into the start of February, but a few days have offered some sunlight.

What mean to Invest In Bitcoin

Do your own research and make your own investment decisions but there are a few major concerns with Bitcoin price and for Cryptocurrency investment.

Number one is the lack of regulation and the anonymity

The argument is that because Bitcoin price is largely used on the deep web and as a black market currency, there’s concern that if there are enough people using it for things like buying illegal firearms, and people use Fiat currency to do this all the time. But it seems like Bitcoin they have a target on their back just because of the media. They get a hold of it and they start talking about how Bitcoin is being used for illegal activities. If enough of this is going on, what if our government steps in and forces regulation on this. At that point, what if there is not the same amount of anonymity? That could defeat the whole purpose of Bitcoin price and the underlying value of these bitcoins could plummet as a result. This is just an argument people have had.

Number two, does this abrupt appreciation in Bitcoin value indicate a speculative bubble?

So for those of you who are familiar with the dotcom bubble, when everyone was buying internet stocks left and right and they were just flying sky high in value and then we reached a tipping point where the value was being propped up on stilts and speculation, and there was nothing backing that value, prices plummeted at that point. There’s a lot of people who are worried that the value of Bitcoin price has appreciated so rapidly that we’ve reached the speculative bubble status to the point where this is a bubble that at some point is going to burst and people are going to lose a lot of money. This is just another argument people have or are concerned with Bitcoin price is it really did appreciate in value at a staggering rate.

Number three is the fact that Bitcoin really is not a functional currency.

The value is so volatile, there’s no way to ever say okay if you go to Starbucks, a Starbucks cup of coffee is going to cost you .0001 Bitcoin price and the value so if that price makes sense. But because bitcoin is so volatile you’ll see multiple percentage price swings per day, there’s no way to set a value of something, a physical good, in Bitcoin, because it fluctuates so frequently. So you would have to consider what that good costs in a Fiat currency and then what the Bitcoin is valued at based on that Fiat currency, and then basically use that method to be able to buy something.The Bitcoin value fluctuates so frequently and it’s very volatile compared to looking at the value of other Fiat currencies. It has drastic price swings. So unless it ever balances out, it can never really be used as a functional currency as we use Fiat currency today.

how to invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency investment

It’s very simple. All you have to do is physically buy the coins for Cryptocurrency investment. a lot of people have seen Bitcoin exchanges. There is an exchange traded fund on the stock exchange where you can actually invest in a fund that owns Bitcoins, You would have to spend or pay $4,000 worth of shares of this ETF in order to get exposure to $2,000 worth of bitcoin. So that’s just insane especially because it’s so easy to actually buy physical bitcoins. So if you are someone who wants to invest in Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency investment, two ways to do it.

Number one is a Bitcoin buy/sell marketplace. And the one people use is Coinbase. This is, the only problem with this is the fact that they don’t actually hold the coins themselves. They basically source the coins when you go to buy them so if you wanna buy bitcoins you have to go on Coinbase and basically order those coins and they’re going to source them from a seller or do cryptocurrency investment.So the issue with that is during drastic price moves, there’s low liquidity. So let’s say the bitcoin was way up in value ,I know most people would say buy, so if you were looking to sell when it was way up in value you probably wouldn’t have an issue. If you were looking to buy when it’s way up in value, which is a bad strategy, if you were looking to do that, you might have issues with Coinbase because they have to source those coins and if there are thousands of people trying to buy them at once, they may not be able to source those coins. Or, if Bitcoins fall drastically in value and people are still doing the wrong thing, selling while they’re down in value, there may be so many people trying to sell them at once that there is a bottleneck and there is poor liquidity. If you’re somebody that’s trying to buy bitcoins, But if you’re looking to trade in and out of Bitcoins and trade the price swings, you wanna use a Bitcoin exchange where basically you’re buying and selling to other bitcoin buyers and sellers or invest in bitcoin , cryptocurrency investment and the exchange, essentially, just facilitates those transactions for a fee. So that way you’ll have much higher liquidity, and you can pretty much buy and sell as you need to without worrying about having issues with order fulfillment.


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