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The Largest American Cryptocurrency Exchange Bittrex Invests In The Maltese Blockchain ​​Company

The Largest American Cryptocurrency Exchange Bittrex Invests In The Maltese Blockchain ​​Company

Bittrex, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has just bought a 10 percent stake in Palladium, a Maltese blockchain company. The aim of the company is to enable virtual joint multi-asset accounts without ever moving fiat from the bank or crypto from the exchange. The security, transparency, and immediacy of blockchain will afford customers and investors the rights and protections demanded by European regulators.

Malta is moving in the right direction with regard to the regulation of distributed Ledger technology (DLT). The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume has chosen Malta for its new headquarters following warnings from Japan, China and Hong Kong.

Bittrex, whose technology is created to develop crypto power trading platforms to ensure reliability and security, is based in the US and is a leader in the world revolution of the blockchain.

Palladium made this innovation last month after it started one of the world’s first completely adjusted tokenized convertible orders. This will give investors the right to draw tokens into Palladium shares three years after the issue date.

Bittrex, established in 2014 by three cyber security engineers, ensures real-time trading, digital wallets and progressive security techniques. Shareholders of Palladium are Investar Holding, which owns 85% of the company’s shares, and Unikrn (15%). Investar is a holding company, wholly owned by Professor Catalfamo; while Unikrn, founded by former CEO of Microsoft Ventures Rahul Squad, is based in Las Vegas and is the leader in e-sports.

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