A new cryptocurrency is available this Sunday called Bitcoin Gold. The developers of this fork of bitcoin-blockchain wrote about the upcoming formal release of a software client, which will happen at 19:00 GMT on 12 November. The supplier company from Hong Kong called LightningASIC , as well as  the community of developers supported the project.


The main idea of Bitcoin Gold is saving most of the properties of the Protocol, but to limit the use of special chips for mining.

It is also the latest example of a  “airdropped” cryptocurrency, which will provide new coins to everyone who owned bitcoin during the separation, or up until the time the record of  transactions  started to differ.


A number of observers criticized the fact, that the team of Bitcoin Gold has been minig blocks in isolation, since the network was formally created last month. Besides, a certain amount of coins has been put aside to support the development.

In their comments, the project team tried to reassure the market, perhaps because of concerns about their work.

“We are extremely grateful to the community worldwide, who gave the hash power of our test networks. Besides patiently testing the mining process, they allow exchanges, pools, developers, wallets, and other service operators to implement and test their support of BTG to provide a full range of services for the Bitcoin Gold community during startup,” the backers of the project read in a statement.

There is no doubt that in the days ahead, the exchanges  will closely follow  the launching. Shortly after its release in August, Bitcoin Cash, another cryptocurrency, separated from the Bitcoin network, accumulated nearly $4 billion of market value.

Therefore, the traders and the stock exchange will be watching, if history repeats.


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