First Blockchain Course Started In Australian University


Blockchain News, First Blockchain Course Started In Australian University

Blockchain News; Australia-based University RMIT, has started the first course on blockchain technology in the country for the purpose to help understand the technology’s fundamentals and impact.

The so-called “Developing Blockchain Strategy” short-term online course would teach the foundations of blockchain the features of the technology behing digital currencies. The course also includes working with leading industry experts to build a real-world strategy for one’s business.

The university has partnered with professional services firm Accenture and fintech hub Stone & Chalk to develop a hands-on blockchain program.

This 8 week course will cost $1600, which is developed by the university’s Blockchain Innovation Hub. The time of starting this course is set on 19 March of this year. It has no entry requirements, but just asks for critical thinking.

The well-known decentralized database system blockchain has been widely adopted by various industries around the world. The recent report published by financial ratings agency pointed out, that Blockchain technology could lead to a positive disruption in the global financial markets.

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