On  November 9 a record number of Ethereum addresses were rigistrated: 100.935. It happened after the announcement of cancellation Segwit2x.


Ethereum has set a historical record, 100.935 registered new address on 9 November, according to Etherscan.io. The total number of Ethereum addresses is over 10.737.345.

The event happened the day after the cancellation Segwit2x. This hard fork had to make a number of changes in the code of the Bitcoin blockchain, including the growing  size of block, which is now limited to 1MB. Earlier this plan was the cause of conflict in the community of the Bitcoin network.

In a 24-hour period, that began at noon on 8 November, the Ethereum blockchain has consumed for over 44% more transactions than Bitcoin block. It is to say whether the rejection of Segwit2x will move market preferences from Bitcoin to Ethereum.

Expected that Bitcoin users will remain loyal to  the platform, instead of promising to implement new solutions of “second level”, which can improve high transactions speed, allowing to do some operations outside the main block.


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