Elcomercio24 Review – Is Elcomercio24 Scam or a Legit Crypto Broker?

Elcomercio24 Review

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The recent pandemic has affected thousands of people, and this has also caused many financial issues to arise. So many people have experienced instability and are desperate for new opportunities to generate income. The field which helped many people during the pandemic was online trading. Brokers like Elcomercio24 emerged in the market. During this Elcomercio24 review, you will learn a lot about trading in general, the benefits that good brokers provide, and what you should look for in the market.

Without proper guidance, it is hard to make sense of trading. This is also the reason which demotivates many people from joining the trading world. But if you are someone that has struggled to find opportunities to earn, then I am sure you understand how difficult it is. These days companies want experience, they also want qualifications or degrees, but there is one very different field. That is online trading, as you may know already. To trade, you do not have to be experienced. Nor do you have to have a specific qualification. All you need is commitment and a small amount of money that you can use and a device and internet connection.

So, even now, these financial markets have not been affected or disturbed during the pandemic because of COVID. But we all know how severely businesses have been affected, which has triggered the loss of workers and employees. So if you are interested in making money, that too a regular one, then check out trading. The field will provide you with many opportunities, and you can avail yourself of those that interest you. The best thing about online trading is that it is easily accessible. You can be on a world tour yet continue to trade, or you can even be working a regular job and pursue online trading as an extra job. So there are a lot of great things that you get to experience with trading. Unlike traditional jobs where employees have to work a 9 to 5 job, you can avoid that and choose your timings.

This is because online trading allows users to choose what is convenient and easy for them. There is no restriction for you to work during a particular time, but it can be possible that trades would be more successful during a time slot. Online trading is also a more innovative way for people to invest and get high returns. If you are an individual that is interested in generating high returns, let me tell you that you are not alone, so why not give the financial markets a try. These have become so profitable and allow users to trade and generate massive profits. Can you think of a better opportunity than this? You can make money while sitting at home. Trading has also proven to be the best option for when the standard economy drops. Because even then, you can trade in the markets and make your money.

If you are concerned that it will be a trap and later on you will regret trading, rest assured because many traders have become successful in this field. If you check the world’s wealthiest people, most of them have built their wealth through trading. So now, what do you need to get started? A broker that took a perfect one with all the right services and features fit for trading. Settling for an average broker is a decision you will learn to regret in the future. This is why to save yourself time and effort, choose a broker that fits your criteria.

You will realize that there are so many brokers you can choose from, but it is still challenging to know which one is reliable. That is why I present Elcomercio24 to you. It is a brokerage firm that has not been around for a very long time yet managed to secure itself a good reputation. Customers have also enjoyed working with the broker and using its services for trading. In this review, I will discuss what features contribute to Elcomercio24’s great success. You will also find out why this broker is a customer’s favorite, so let’s start getting into the details about Elcomercio24.

Introduction To Elcomercio24

Before choosing a broker, you must know everything about it. You have to figure out the company’s motive, what the services are, and many other factors. So the question is, what is there to know about Elcomercio24? This is a brokerage firm that has become well recognized in the market. A company called 8 DOTS LTD launched this broker, located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. So what has made Elcomercio24 so famous? The services which the company has provided to its users have contributed to Elcomercio24’s popularity. But now, we will take a close look at the Elcomercio24 services.

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Trading Instruments At Elcomercio24

There are many features that a trader should consider before choosing the broker, and I say this because your experience depends upon how great your broker is. One of the essential features to consider is whether the broker provides a wide variety of trading instruments. Now, what is the benefit of having a lot of trading instruments? If you are a trader that is being provided with a considerable asset index, then it means you are getting the chance to make a lot of money. Yes, trading instruments are of that much significance to your trading career. The more options you have, the more profits you can generate.

An important thing which you should decide before starting your trades is whether you want to focus on trading specific assets or you want to diversify. The diversification of trading means that you are open to trading any asset and investing in many different investments. Now both methods are acceptable as long as you are satisfied with the result. But if you choose to diversify your trading method, then your portfolio will be diverse too. This will also make trading less riskier than it could have been. What do I mean by this? You see, trading has its benefits, but it also has many risks.

The financial markets you invest in fluctuate all the time, meaning the prices drop and rise continuously. If you choose to trade cryptocurrencies, then you should know that they are even more volatile. When you invest in an asset, the amount you put into it is also the amount you can lose. At times you can lose more than that or less, but it depends on the market conditions. But that is when diversifying your investments comes in handy because if you spread your investments in multiple assets, you can avoid losing a considerable amount. Even if one market crumbles, the others are bound to go up, and that is how you will make much more money than you started with.

Does that not seem like the perfect opportunity to make profits? Now, Elcomercio24 is a brokerage firm that is interested in helping its customers with the trading experience. One way it has chosen to do this is by having an extensive asset index, and this allows users as they have the freedom to select the asset they want to invest in. After spending a little time in the trading world, you will realize that even this feature is hard to find. Some brokers provide only limited options, which restricts traders because they cannot invest in other trading instruments. 

But that is not something you have to worry about with Elcomercio24. Through this brokerage firm, you will get the chance to invest in some top trading products. You will get the opportunity to trade in the top markets and that way you will be able to make high profits. The trading assets you can access through Elcomercio24 are stocks. These stocks belong to companies that are popular and successful. Some examples are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, and Apple. Then you can also go for indices, and there are many options for this, such as FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, and others.

The next option you have is forex currency pairs. This is one of the greatest trading assets; the forex market is also one of the largest ones to exist till today. It has helped traders to generate massive profits for so long. The currency pairs you can trade are GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and others. You can also choose to trade commodities, which is an excellent option for just starting. In commodities, you have two categories, soft and hard, which further include precious metals, agricultural products, and others. The precious metals include platinum, gold, copper, and silver.

Lastly, you can choose to trade cryptocurrencies, and as you know, this is one of the most progressive and popular assets to existing yet. This asset has turned many users into millionaires overnight as it has an excellent market value. The options you can choose from are Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Therefore, if you are interested in broadening your portfolio and diversifying your investments, then be sure to check Elcomercio24. You will be able to maximize your profits and minimize the risks.

Account options

There are different traders; some are experienced enough to invest significant amounts of money, while others are new to the market and are still learning from it. You can’t target a particular type of trader because you must cater to every trader’s needs as a professional broker. Elcomercio24 is doing that perfectly without any hesitation. This platform has come up with a solution to cater to the needs of experienced and inexperienced traders by offering multiple types of accounts. Yes, Elcomercio24 offers four different levels of accounts that can help you choose the account that suits you the most.

So without any further redo, let us dive into the account options of Elcomercio24.

  • Silver account

The first type of account offered by Elcomercio24 is a silver trading account. This account is the first on the list, and as you can tell by the name, it is designed for beginners. Many traders don’t know about trading and the market; such traders will never invest vast amounts of money. Instead, they want something more simple, which they can start with. Elcomercio24 offers this account to such traders and allows them to start trading with a minimum deposit of 500 Euros. Traders can go up to a maximum of 1999 Euros which is easy for almost every trader. Features of this account include basic training, education center of basic level, and unlimited 365 trading dashboard.

  • Gold account

This is the second account you will come across on Elcomercio24. It is meant for users who are a little familiar with the trading world and ways. You can think of them as intermediate traders, and to unlock this account, you have to deposit a minimum amount of 2,000 Euros and a maximum amount of 9,999 Euros. The previous features will also be available, but you will get to access additional ones too. First, you will get to use limited trading signals, and these are great for improving trades as these signals help to be aware of the market conditions. You will also get an account manager; this manager will be personal, meaning you can easily and quickly get advice and guidance.

  • Diamond account 

The diamond account is the third account option suitable for experienced traders who have advanced their trading careers. They are also familiar with the trading market. To unlock this account, you have to deposit 10,000 Euros minimum and 49,999 Euros maximum. Just like before, users of this account get the chance to avail all the previous features and additional ones too. Such as access to a complete education center allows traders to broaden their understanding, skills, and techniques and keep up to date with modern-day trading. You will also get access to unlimited trading signals and no restrictions at all.

  • VIP account

If you think you have all the experience necessary to play massive games, you should open a VIP account. This account is designed for advanced and professional traders who want to invest more than 50,000 Euros in the market. It seems very big by looking at the amount, but for experienced traders, it is nothing. There are some exclusive features as well which are offered in this account, which includes Personal account manager, full trading signals, and many other features as well which are going to enhance the experience of the trader and is going to give a feeling of actually being a VIP customer. 

Customer Support System

No company can be ultimately successful if it does not treat its customers properly. One of the essential things companies forget is that without the proper help, traders struggle a lot to trade, and that will only impact the platform. If you want to succeed as a trader, you must look for a broker that prioritizes its customers. Now that is a rare feature in this trading market because most brokers have become focused on generating money through their customers. As a new trader, you will always face some difficulty or a problem that often leaves you confused. To avoid this, it is always better to have a team that can help you find a solution and implement it.

A broker with a proper customer support system in place always ensures that all their difficulties are handled professionally. That is what you will find at Elcomercio24 because this trading platform prioritizes the help of all customers. The company has made sure that a team is always available to help you out. Now this team is unlike any other you would have seen because it is highly professional and experienced. Each member has a lot of experience in trading and also are informed about the trading market. You can always trust them to help you no matter what the problem is.

This is essential as sharing a bond between traders and the company, which includes trust, is highly effective when dealing with problems. Now your question might be regarding the process of contacting Elcomercio24 for help. The broker has chosen to implement the easiest ways for customers to reach out for help. This is rare, as many brokers do not provide methods for customers to reach out to them. If you visit the Elcomercio24 website, you will come across a customer support section. This section is dedicated to customers and them finding the help they need; it also includes the contact details. You can choose to call them up or email them and whichever is more convenient for you. Another great thing is that customer support is accessible to all users 24/7. There is no restriction; therefore, when you need help, you can contact them and discuss your problem.

Elcomercio24 customer support service

Security Infrastructure

No platform is worth the experience if it is not secure because no trader wants to risk it all for a broker that is not serious about protecting its customers. So never make the mistake of choosing a brokerage firm that does not have firewalls or a robust security infrastructure because that will only result in your loss. And let me tell you, people, who have lost their funds or even sensitive information never manage to get past such a tragic occurrence.

For those traders who are just starting, it is even worse because you should be extremely careful. I say this because scammers usually target newbies as they are unaware of the dangers. But as you are using the web, you should know of the possible risks. Therefore choose a platform that is like Elcomercio24. It has implemented SSL encryption which has proven to be strong protection against hackers.


After discovering all these features that Elcomercio24 provides, I am sure that no other broker can match it. This broker will help its customer for sure, and you can guarantee that the trading experience will be great.

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