Dutch Invested Big Amounts On Cryptos, But Profits Are Still Smaller

From last year the amount of Dutch people, who have invested in digital currencies is nearly 580,000, according to a report.

Since the beginning of 2017 consumers have been tempted by the enormous rise in value and three-quarters of investors bought into the virtual currencies.

Dutch investors have put €900m into crypto cash, reports Kantar TNS. This investment is worth €4bn at the time, the market was at higher prices. However, the value has dropped down since that time.

The research bureau said, that about 25% of crypto currency owners are currently in profit but in August last year, 49% had boosted their investment. Also mentioned, that this could be improved at any time due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

The report showed, that among the investors about two in three of them have at least a college degree, with the average age of 38.

Kantar TNS polled nearly 45,000 households to draw up the report.


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