An Advisory Committee of U.S. Customs and Border protection  (CBP) intends to research the application of blockchain for public documents show and trade functions of the organization.

Earlier was published report, which is about creating  a special body called the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee  (COAC). The CBP’s official website gives an information about the body, which advises the Secretary of U.S. Treasury and the Department of Homeland Security on the commercial operations of CBP.

Though the working group is focused on new technologies, the report pointed that  further research is attentioned on the blockchain.

There are already a number of ways of using this technology. So In the report we read:

“The new body has already submitted 14 use of cases. This includes idea, such as data collection and tracking of licenses, permits, certificates issued by public authorities, the quality of the products falling under free trade, cross-border movement.”

The group is looking for all uses of case and define the possible use of the blockchain technology.

It is unclear whether the results of the researching will be implemented in practise. Some officials are quite proactive in this matter, but it remains to be seen- what will be the end of CBP’s experiment.


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