Cryptocurrency Payments Can Be Done In Seoul Medical Institution

Seoul-based KMP Health Care informed that the medical institution clients can perform payments in any cryptocurrencies for healthcare services.

The medical institution announced that it has developed a network useing the latest version blockchain technology to get Life Care Global Coins or LCGCs issued by GCM, instead of cash payment, because it has a purpose to provide medical services to patients of various classes and from abroad.

Clients who will have a desire to make the payments in LCGCs need to join the LCGC exchange, Coingenes, and open electronic wallets at the exchange. They must visit the medical institution with LCGCs in their electronic wallets.

Bitcoin News

KMP Health Care Seoul said it has reached a decision to adopt operations via electronic wallets at the exchange that is engaged in LCGCs for the time being in order to solve the problem of delays in P2P transactions of cryptocurrencies.

The Seoul-based KMP Health Care medical institution said, “We plan to continue expanding our services and technology platform to enable many people in Korea to enjoy excellent medical services and help overseas patients easily access Korean medical services.”

So the medical establishment, situated in the Lotte World Tower in Jamsil, Seoul, guarantees outpatient treatment, premium VIP health check-ups, stem cell therapy and skin cosmetic surgery for patients from Korea and abroad.




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