Cryptocurrency Market Index Of Huobi Can Be Added by Bloomberg Terminal

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange has declared that financial-credit company Bloomberg already offers the HB10 crypto market index.

According to the article published on Thursday, the exchange mentioned that clients of Bloomberg Terminal are currently able to monitor the aggregated execution of the top-10 cryptocurrencies that are sold on Huobi Pro – which is according to CoinMarketCap at present moment the third largest exchange in the world by trading volume.

Bitcoin News

Huobi started HB10 index a month ago, which uses average samples to watch top-10 crypto funds traded on its platform in real-time against tether (USDT), a U.S. dollar-artificially maintained cryptocurrency, based on their liquidity and market capitalization.

The exchange shortly after started up an exchange-traded asset that applies the index as a reference point to let investors to invest capital in a number of funds in place of buying into just one at a time.

Additionally, Huobi mentioned in its statement that the trading data of nine cryptos against USDT on its exchange will also be listed on Bloomberg Terminal, consisting of bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, ethereum classic, XRP, dash, EOS and zcash.

At the moment, Bloomberg Terminal also tracks the prices of bitcoin, XRP, litecoin and ethereum using data from U.S. crypto exchanges.


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