Crypto Enters Fashion World as Women Oriented Brands Accept Crypto Payments

For a long time, crypto is regarded as the asset class commodity rather than perceived as the payment method. However, this year has seen massive developments. As the result, new trends have emerged, crypto tokens are now accepted as a mode of payment. Crypto is now a payment currency.

Big names like Starbuck, Visa, and some of the small female-oriented brands developed the mechanism for crypto payment acceptance.  Bitcoin seems to be the utmost priority, but other digital assets will also be included in the list pretty soon.  A recent survey about crypto revealed that in the United States of America, more than 46 million people do believe that it is time to use crypto coins as the mode of payment to buy daily life commodities.

Many traders and business organizations are now working to set up the crypto supportive mechanism.  However, Glamnetic, a female beauty brand has become the first-ever fashion brand to accept crypto coins as a mode of payment. Glamnetic is famous for its products like magnetic eyelashes.  The brand has developed ties with Bitpay and receiving cryptocurrencies from the customers. The company’s vision statement says that the company is looking forward to making life easier for its customers.  It allowed its customers to pay crypto tokens if they want.

Bitpay is one of the leading crypto exchanges.  It supports the transaction of crypto coins such as Ether, Dogecoins, and even Bitcoin. It means customers can now shop from Glamnetic if they own Ether, Dogecoins, and Bitcoins.

Experts do believe that the crypto market has great potential where customers can pay from anywhere, all they have to do is to connect digitally. Ann McFerran said that so far crypto has been owned by males and is considers a male dominant marketplace. However, it is time for a female to become a part of the crypto community.  She has been one of the most active female crypto investors.  Now crypto has entered the fashion world, it will create such diversity as more and more women will use crypto coins for their purchases. Recently Visa published a report, the report claimed that almost 1 billion dollars were exchanged with digital coins via cards. It allowed cryptocurrency spending for local purchases. These numbers show that crypto will be an alternative for paper currency in the future. To support crypto payment methods, the world’s biggest digital payment providers such as Visa, Master Card, Skrill, and PayPal, actively developing their infrastructure. In the future people will be able to make payments by simply using cards, the installation of crypto ATMs can also make a big difference

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