BTC/USD Technical view 28-Nov-2017         What’s Next?

On the last few post we have been see the potential of Up breaking from the levels of 8000$, from where just flight up trying to touch the next level of 10.000$.

The 10.000 Level is a very psychological level from where good portion of investors (retail and institutional can monetize form their funds to secure their profits.

But 10.000 $ level is not something from where the Bitcoin can stop forever. Can be quick retracement to the levels of 8.300$( Big Buyers waiting to buy)  and next level is 6.700$( institutional buyers waiting for that retracement to buy again.


There is also a big chance to continue growing UP from the 10.000$ level to the 11.100$ to close the next Up Leg.


Good luck everyone!


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