Blockchain ​​Rapidly Becomes The Standard For Cyber Security Of Oil Fields

The internet enables oil and gas companies to communicate effectively with suppliers, partners and service providers. Today oil and gas industry is bracing for an increase in cyber attacks over the next year. As the threats to cyber-security for the oil and gas industry grew exponentially, different strategies were developed to protect computers and corporate management systems. Blockchain technology has become a very innovative and effective solution. Blockchain redefines the cyber-security of oil fields.

The ever-growing onslaught of security threats has led to a serious shift in management thinking, and the risk of cyber-security is now recognized as a real and significant problem throughout the world. Awareness of cyber risks has grown in a wide range of companies around the world. Awareness of the urgency and seriousness of cyber-risks is closely related to the digitization of oil fields. This requires complex security platforms with the ability to protect interconnected devices and automated industrial control systems.

The use of a reliable, self-healing, self-replicating and highly redundant cyber-security system, protected by blockchain technology, provides the oil and gas industry with many unique advantages.


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