The Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex decided to remove the minimum equity limit of $10,000 for opening a professional account.

Representatives of Bifinex reported that this decision was made because of the constant requests of users that the exchange has received during the last six months. At the same time, the company has constantly developed its infrastructure and will be able to provide access to a professional platform for lots of new customers.

JL van der Velde, CEO of Bitfinex, mentioned: “We couldn’t continue to ignore the increasing number of requests for account registrations, even if these users are not regular customers of Bitfinex. Recently, we have worked hard to prepare the platform for an influx of users and are ready to open it for a wider audience. Now, the minimum deposit is set by the trader himself”.

In early March, analysts of Zerononcense stated that they managed to trace the cryptocurrency missing from the QuadrigaCX exchange. Bitfinex was also on the list of exchanges where the funds were transferred.


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