Bitcoin, Views of a real trader.

Professional views on Bitcoin

It’s been a long way for Bitcoin to arrive to the current levels $8000+ price tag.

We remember Bitcoin at $150 years ago, went up to $1000 then dropped again to $400, it was really scary.
Today, as for November 2017, the reality has changed. This Bitcoin seams unstoppable.
The question arise!
Is Bitcoin Going To Continue Heading Higher?

Well, Everything points to a favorable environment for Bitcoin to continue going up. Next target is now
$10.000 price tag, and even higher is not impossible, as a current analysis/view.
The fact is that any “feared” regulation is not ready to come, we can even say that it can take several years
for a regulation to come (and slow down the bitcoin pace to higher prices).
We can also take into account the acceptance that is becoming generalized all over the world.
Buy the dips is our current recommendation.


Have a good day!

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