Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple Are Moving Down

On Monday the three largest cryptocurrencies in the world are falling. The digital coin Ripple leads the slump. Bitcoin and Ethereum are also dropping down.

Here are the current standings according to CoinMarketCap:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): $15,010.70 (-8.64%)
  • Ethereum (ETH):$1,115.60 (-1.44%)
  • Ripple (XRP): $2,510 (-25.39%)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCC) : $2,365.50 (-18.12%)

What’s happening:

  • For its all-time high Ripple has fallen 38% from last week
  • Seagate, which makes hard-disks, surged 11% Monday morning after an unconfirmed report that it could own billions of dollars worth of XRP.
  • After a weekend raise and reports that Asian regulators are cracking down on miners and exchanges Bitcoin fell 8%
  • At first digital currency called Dogecoin, which was based on a meme, was a joke. At this moment it has a market value above $2 billion.
  • On Friday Western Union got a bump. It kept to continue till Monday after an information about using Ripple to promote its money transactions.

Bitcoin miners are reportedly running away as China makes a step to crackdown on cryptocurrencies.


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