Just in the last couple of days Bitcoin Cash had an upcoming growth, breaking the mark of $ 2,400, then falling to 1380 dollars. The Market Capitalization of Bitcoin Cash exceeds $ 27 billion, which could shortly provide it the second place in the list of the most popular cryptocurrency.

The rapid development of the situation in the cryptocurrency market, noted this week, began with a statement by the initiators of hard fork SegWit2x about  transfering of its terms to an indefinite period. Remind, that the companies, which signed on the New York agreement, and mining-pools planned creating hard fork for increasing bitcoin blocks and improving network throughput.

Hard fork cancelling was  presented to the developers and community of bitcoin as a kind of victory, but miners and business owners have appreciated this step a little differently. So, in connection with the cancellation of SegWit2x, they said that  will be forced to turn their attention to other blockchains, which are more relevant to their perceptions. It is not excluded that such alternative  will become Bitcoin Cash.


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