67 Percent of Investors Are holding Their Bitcoin: Research

The year started with dramatical rise in price of Bitcoin. A study was conducted in November by LendEDU detailing the answers from 564 poll-takers. 67.38% of them informed about not having sold any of their bitcoin investments under its rising prices.

According to the study, investors owned in bitcoin approximately $2.930. US. The price per bitcoin was $6.940, during the review.

The owners, who wants to sell their crypto within a year, representing the 16.49% of all holders. 39.5% of owners said, they would sell it in one to three years, and 21% of them planning to keep the cryptocurrency for seven years at minimum.

LendEDU reported, that the information clearly showed the fact, that a large number of investors being involved in it for a short period.

The participants were asked about the price, at which they would be ready to sell their holdings. The quoted came to the point of 196,165.75 US dollars per bitcoin.

On Monday Bitcoin’s price came to new high level above the 8000 $ US. And the trade is rising.

40% of participants said they invested in Bitcoin, believing that it is a technology that will change the world. Another 21 % compared it with gold and silver, considering it as a long-term store of value. Roughly 15% of those told they bought bitcoin by an advisement of their friends or family members.

Those who said they think bitcoin’s price is “too low” accounted for 14 percent of respondents. Just 8 percent said they planned to use bitcoin as a payment method for transactions and less of an investment.

About 14% of surveyed find the Bitcoin’s price too low and only 8 % told about planning to use it as a way of payment.

LendEDU is a marketplace for student loans and personal loans, as the company claims on its website.

The latest survey indicated that younger people are becoming increasingly aware of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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