​Hyundai Pay Is Developing Hdac Blockchain Services

Hyundai Pay will extend its Hdac blockchain services by expanding availability in digital media, home automation, online-to-offline (O2O) areas.

Hyundai Pay is at present trying to establish a connection node between public and private blockchain. The company will then carry out testimony of concept studies in different areas.

The company has been registering patents on an integrated system for social and individual blockchains, ciphered communication with the deployment of blockchain between devices, and enhancing the safety and wholeness of blockchain databases.

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It will design relations that join blockchain wallets with retail space. It will also attach blockchain innovation technology with wall pads at home so that utility bills can be paid safely.

For strengthening the safety in the company Hyundai Pay  will as well try to relate blockchain to smart contracts, smart factories, and smart logistics.

A lot of Korean firms are starting individual blockchain services and operations. Samsung SDS made a new service and system with Nexfinance, which is today one of the integrated platform that provides the latest technologies and services. The another company such as LG CNS has also started its own blockchain platform named dubbed Monachain which can be used in digital authentication and transaction.




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